Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Thoughts: an introduction

One of the things I noticed upon the death on Michael Jackson was just how much there was to say about Michael Jackson. I guess that shouldn't have come as a surprise, but frankly it did. It just seemed like you could fill libraries with 'discussion on Michael Jackson' - some of it would be flattering, some tawdry, some academic, some silly... it seemed almost limitless. I found myself constantly filled with different thoughts on 'the topic of Michael Jackson'.

So the title of this blog is partly a joke. Obviously there can be no 'last thoughts' on Michael Jackson - the topic is all but an endless one, really. An inexhaustible source of thoughts. More has been thought about Michael Jackson in the past month alone than has been thought about entire classic fields of learning such as history or philosophy, I would imagine. So, here are just some more in a never-ending stream of thoughts. The title is actually an homage to Bob Dylan, who once performed a poem entitled "Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie".

I launch this blog on the one-month anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. My main reason for waiting that month was to, in a manner of speaking, overcome the initial glut of noise concerning Michael Jackson - that stretch where Michael Jackson actually threatened to take down the internet. I didn't want to get swamped in that, as I envision this blog as something much more long-term - something that outlasts the present noise revolving around his death and its after-effects. However, it is of course the tragedy of Michael Jackson's early death that motivates me to start this blog. So the one-month anniversary seemed fitting.

There is a lot to say involving Michael Jackson. I hope you enjoy reading it.

And, of course, R.I.P.

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