Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and the Sycophantic Slags

The announcement by Sony of the contents of the upcoming two CD set, "This is It", would certainly be enough to call to mind the Smiths song that contributes to the title of this blog entry. The vulgar picture is, indeed, being painted - and will, I suspect, for years to come. But no, it's not record company exploitation that I want to speak about but the more direct sycophancy that seems to plague people as rich and famous as Michael Jacskon was.

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson had surrounded himself with yes-men. "Blood-suckers", as they're sometimes called. People so keen on keeping him happy that they wound up making him terminally sad. Yet another thing that Michael and Elvis had in common. What I wonder is why. Not 'why do they lurk around' but 'why are they accepted?' And 'why are there not more people there to break it up?'

Michael Jackson died because too many people said yes and not enough people said no. But it's not that he was alone and had nobody there who would or could say no: to start with, there was his family. And a certain coterie of celebrities more than willing to publically declare themselves friends of Michael Jackson. Where were they to say "these people are unhealthy for you"?

There are always those who love power, money and celebrity who will buzz around those who possess any or all of those traits. That's inevitable. But I do wonder how in the future other celebrities like Michael Jackson can avoid getting sucked in by them - or, if the people themselves are not capable of telling honest, dependable people from blood-suckers, how structures can be set up to keep them out of harm's way. Michael Jackson had all kinds of security. But where were they?

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