Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michael Jackson and the Daughter's Perspective

Just read that (according to LaToya) Paris believes her dad was killed as a result of overwork. Leaving aside the important question of just how reliable a source LaToya is, if we suspend disbelief and say it's true, it's an interesting perspective. Particularly in light of the fact that, according to some commentators, Michael Jackson set out on the "This is It" concerts in part for his children's benefit, to show them his legacy.

I become more and more intrigued by Paris. I'm quite sure she'll be in the spotlight increasingly often as she gets older, but I can't be cynical about her. I find something very likeable about her, and something quite endearingly sincere. I know nothing about her life to this point - books' worth of speculation but nothing real - but she strikes me as a well-adjusted child, which is practically shocking given the circumstances of her upbringing.

So if she says that her father was overworked, I think it's an interesting thing to consider. But I wonder how much of that was AEG Live's fault and how much was Michael Jackson's own work ethic. Is it possible he overworked himself to death?

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