Saturday, December 5, 2009

Michael Jackson and the "Bad" Lyrics, Anagrammed

I don't really have very much to say today, so I'll present the lyrics to "Bad" twisted into an anagram. The anagramming is done by this very awesome site:

Note that there are no officially published versions of the lyrics to "Bad" online. This is just an approximation. It's really very tough to figure out the lyrics to this song, to say nothing of "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough".
I'm tiny, tuberous (Your butt is mine)
Turgently, hooligan (Gonna tell you right)
O Jesus! Wotcha! Fury! (Just show your face)
Halo drab dignity (In broad daylight)
Me on guiltily (I'm telling you)
Whine of ole (On how I feel)
Rumor annoying thud (Gonna hurt your mind)
Kind sloth to tool (Don't shoot to kill)

I, I moving guy (I'm giving you)
Encounter of hot (On count of three)
Out! Rusty show-off (To show your stuff)
Better oil (Or let it be)
Me on guiltily (I'm telling you)
Joy! What mucous truth (Just watch your mouth)
I am wonky rogue (I know your game)
Beauty! Rout a who (What you're about)

Littlest sleeky, healthy whimsy (Well they say the sky's the limit)
Ultra, maltreated honesty (And to me that's really true)
Ungifted veneration by hush money (But my friend, you have seen nothing)
Twitter jail, thuggish lout (Just wait till I get through)

Ace biased bum (Because I'm bad)
Mob demoniac (I'm bad, come on)
Okay dumb wino (You know I'm bad)
A wonky bum idiot (I'm bad, you know it)
Okay dumb wino (You know I'm bad)
Mob demoniac (I'm bad, come on)
What-ho! Well droned wrathiness on wart hog (And the whole world has to answer right now)
Conglutinate to jealousy (Just to tell you once again)
Bad show (Who's bad?)
Some parts make as much sense as the original... I love "Rusty show-off; better oil". Anyway, that's about it this week. Boredom is the mother of... er, anagrams.

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