Saturday, March 6, 2010

While I Was Away...

Well, I took about two months off from this blog... which might not have been the smartest idea, I concede. However, while I've been gone, it's certainly good to know that other people have been writing great stuff about Michael Jackson. A few links:

  1. The video for Thriller redone in Lego: there is not a second here that is not awesome. Must have been such hard work...
  2. A review of the Michael Jackson Exhibition in London: complete with a lot of great photos.
  3. A creepy VH1 re-enactment of his death: all given a vaguely Roswell feel... at least that's how it seemed to me.
  4. Discussion about media bias against Jackson: I'm a bit sceptical, but it's an interesting read.
  5. An appreciation of "Morphine": I love this song, and I love the site. Of course, I have a similar site myself, which I'm now shamelessly plugging.
  6. A nice discussion of Michael and magic: written by a singer and a fan.
  7. Old men dancing to Michael Jackson: silly, and ultimately tiresome, but a bit of a giggle.
  8. Very silly 'Billie Jean' shoes: that purport to recreate the light-up tiles from the video.
  9. Some of his home movies: I find these very bittersweet to watch. He was definitely a special person.
  10. Michael Jackson 'helping' in Haiti: a nice story, though the new 'We are the World' is a bit more prominent...
  11. The Vatican praises 'Thriller': the most bizarre story I've heard in a while, as the Vatican turns record reviewer.
  12. Michael Jackson was a Catholic priest: unless this is the most bizarre. Though it's a joke.
  13. A very nice optical-illusion portrait: you kind of need to look at it it from a distance.
  14. Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan: brief, but interesting.

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